Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions for all the Tutors who will join MeraTution platform:
  • All the Tutors will not beeach the agreement and should not be directly involved with the client's, if at any point this has been the reported, the MeraTution team can take legal action against the Tutor.
  • In the process the Tutor has to follow all the process of MeraTution for being a part of good team
  • Once a Tutor is finalized with the client, he will have to report to the cleint and take the classes as per the mutual agreed time.
  • Financial:
    • Tutor will be paid only after completion of one month's tution duration on monthly basis.
    • Any Government taxes has to be born by the Tutor and in turn
    • MeraTution will charge a service fee of 15 percent on every payment a trainer received
    • The client will pay directly to the MeraTution and in turn MeraTution will transfer the money to the Tutor after deducting all applicable Govt. Taxes, if any
  • This terms and Conditions is non reversible.

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